What is Plagnets?

Plagnets are an educational and visually appealing way to plan the day with your children.

With the help of the nice magnets, you can create a schedule together that can be changed quickly if necessary.

All you need is a magnetic surface to place them. For example, the refrigerator or a whiteboard.

With the Plagnets, it will be easier for your children to get an idea of ​​what will happen during the day.

In short, it's all about planning with magnets - Plagnets.

The schedule can also be adapted for your morning routines or for unwinding together with the children in the evening before bedtime. Put the Plagnets in the order you want, adapt and change as needed.

Make your own kit!

We have produced many different icons so that you can put together your own kit in addition to the ready-made ones that we offer. If you buy 10 pieces, you also get SEK 20 off your order. If you buy 20 pieces, the discount is doubled. All prices are incl. VAT.

The magnets are 37mm in size.

We will soon also offer the possibility to upload your own pictures, for example of "mother", "father" or why not siblings, or grandparents.

If you think an icon is missing, please feel free to send us requests. We replenish our content constantly.

SEK 169

Our little starter kit

In our small starter kit you will find 10 carefully selected Plagnets to easily plan your day.

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SEK 299

The intermediate kit

In our slightly larger intermediate kit, you will find 20 Plagnets that help you not only plan the day but also activities such as a trip to the playground or the store to shop.

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399 kr

Vårt stora paket

I vårt stora paket hittar du 30 stycken Plagneter som kommer att hjälpa er att planera er dag och vecka med bra variation

Det hjälper er även att skapa bra rutiner för morgon och kväll.

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SEK 119

The weekday kit

Do you want to build a schedule for a whole week? Or maybe just put out what day it is? Then the weekday kit is an excellent idea!

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För att enkelt kunna skapa en visuell överblick för veckan har vi tagit fram en magnetfilm med man kan sätta på exempelvis sitt kylskåp. Det finns ett större veckoschema, ett mindre dagsschema samt "först - sedan - sist" för de som inte behöver mer än 3 aktiviteter.

Filmen är strax under 1 mm tjock och fäster på samtliga magnetiska ytor. 

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